GoFundMe for Baby Emily Paige

I am torn up about the news story of sweet baby Emily Paige of Oxford, MI who was shaken by her father causing severe brain damage. This innocent child fought hard to survive but today is being taken off all support and medication that has kept her alive

I have followed her mother’s Facebook page, Kayla Rose, daily in hope of seeing good news that Emily would beat the odds and somehow be OK. I also watched Emily’s father be sentenced to 9-50 years for his unexplainable actions. Certainly his sentence will increase as he will now be a child abuser and a murderer. I feel immense sadness for this baby. It’s impossible to understand how anybody could hurt a baby. I feel incredible compassion for Kayla, Emily’s two young siblings and her brother. I am making a small donation to the family to help them through this difficult time. Here is a link to the GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/prayers-for-baby-emily

A vigil will be held for Emily the Saturday AFTER Easter at Seymour Lake Park in Oxford, MI.

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