Shopping for Rune on the Wish App 3-28-19

Hola Mamas:

Is anyone else a fan of the Wish App? I have found a cute things for myself on Wish, although most adult clothing items are made for tiny people. They have some interesting home items as well such as a great selection of throw pillows, gardening items and handy gizmos and gadgets.

Wish definitely excels in their baby/kids clothes offerings. The quality is above average and the clothes come packaged ’boutique style’ with cute labels. “Fast fashion” usually is a phrase that has negative connotations but for Wish, it’s a good thing because the app does a better job at producing trendy baby/kids items than US stores. I still prefer the high-end brands I find on Marketplace like Egg by Susan Lazar, Ralph Lauren, Kickee Pants, Tea Collection and Baby Boden but Wish can compete.

How is delivery time? The Wish app keeps getting quicker and quicker. When I first started using Wish, delivery would take about a month but now it is about 2 weeks. Wish customer service is excellent. If something arrives too small or with a flaw, each time the app has immediately refunded me and I got to keep the items. Check out the baby items below that I have purchased:

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